Research Project

SPUR summer interns work full time in the lab on a cutting edge research investigation at the bench with mentors. Interns and their faculty hosts are encouraged to discuss the research projects in some detail by email or skype before the intern arrives for the summer experience. Interns read background literature on the project before arrival. Bench mentors are typically postdoctoral fellows or advanced graduate students; in some cases, faculty serve as bench mentor, and in some cases an experienced lab technician serves.  Each project is mentored closely by the host lab faculty or Principal Investigator (PI). Interns participate in lab and group meetings and are encouraged to present their work to the lab group in a mid-summer meeting.

Interns submit a progress report, updated weekly, that is reviewed by the PI, the mentor, and the SPUR director. In the final weeks of the program, interns prepare for final poster and oral presentations at the SPUR Symposium. The results of the research project form the basis for the final research paper and the final symposium presentation.  The outcome of the each project is expected to be of sufficient quality to present at a national conference, and in some cases the intern would be a contributing author on a publication. Interns are encouraged to present their work from SPUR at a national conference in the Fall followng the summer internship. For example, most interns will typically attend the SACNAS, ABRCMS, or AISES national meetings in Fall. Preparation and submission of manuscripts for publication of articles involving SPUR related research is organized by the host lab.

What are the benefits of participating in undergraduate research?

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