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  • Application Review begins late Dec/early January
  • Review continues and applications accepted until all slots are filled


  • Phone, e-mail, and Skype interviews precede admission
  • Offers of admission begin 3rd week of January and continue until all slots are filled (most slots are filled by 3rd week in March)
  • Note that spaces are limited and dependent on faculty availability
  • Interns and faculty agree on project

Intern Preparation

  • Phone, e-mail, and Skype correspondence with mentor and faculty to discuss project and progress – continuing from admission until arrival
  • Readings of pertinent literature continuing from admission until arrival
  • Interns arrange travel and housing with SPUR coordinators immediately after admission
  • Interns sent welcoming packet in mid May

Intern Arrival and Orientation

  • Interns check in to housing
  • Note that intern arrivals may vary to accommodate the variety of academic calendars among schools
  • Orientation and welcoming meeting with SPUR staff, mentors, faculty, and UO administration (usually weekend after Memorial Day)
  • Orientation workshop with SPUR Director (1st weekend)
  • SPUR 2018 Arrival Date is projected to be June 4th, 2018 - August 10th, 2018. (If this conflicts with your institution's academic calendar, we will make accomodations.)
  • Note: This is a ten week experience, if you make arrangments to arrive later than the scheduled arrival time, your schedule will be adjusted and your time here will be extended accordingly.

Intern Arrival in Research Lab

  • Typically, first Monday in June (Note that intern arrivals may vary to accommodate the variety of academic calendars among schools).
  • Research project begins in earnest

Events, program features, workshops

  • Faculty seminars (6 seminars)
  • Activities meetings (weekly)
  • Progress reports (weekly report due Friday morning)
  • Professional Development Workshops (6 workshops)
    • How to have an intense, rich, productive, fun summer experience
    • Cultures and careers in science
    • Rigorous and responsible conduct of science research
    • Optimal tools and skills in science research
    • Preparing for graduate and professional schools
    • Communicating science
    • Writing abstracts and personal statements
    • Developing posters and oral presentations
  • Research group discussions (6 sessions)
  • Field Trips (faculty invited/solicited)
    • Oregon Institute of Marine Biology
    • UO Pine Mountain Observatory (UO Physics)
    • Newberry Crater National Volcanic Monument (UO Geology)
  • Communicating science to middle and high school students
    • Oregon Young Scholars Program
    • UO SAIL program
  • Cultural, Educational, Recreational events (planned throughout summer)

Program evaluation

  • Pre-program interview with CoDaC (Center on Diversity and Community)
  • Mid-summer surveys (SPUR and CoDaC)
  • Weekly informal meetings -- interns & Pgm Director discuss difficulties as they arise
  • End of summer surveys (SPUR and CoDaC survey, exit interview with Pgm Director)
  • Fall term survey (SPUR survey after national conference)

SPUR Undergraduate Research Symposium

  • Thursday poster session, Thursday and Friday Oral Presentations (final week in the program)

Farewell party and departures

  • Final weekend
  • This is a ten week experience, if you make arrangments to arrive later than the scheduled arrival time, you may stay longer than the scheduled departure time to complete the cycle
  • For students who already attend the University of Oregon, they will already start later and end the program later than other interns due to our institution's academic calendar.

National undergraduate research conferences

  • Preparation for national undergraduate research conferences. After interns return home, SPUR coordinators assist in applying for ABRCMS, SACNAS, or AISES conferences.
  • Attend ABRCMS or other conference, if abstract and travel awards are approved.