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Current SPUR Events Calendar

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Mentoring Workshop

  • Mentors and PI participate: Presentation on SPUR features, calendar, expectations, how to be an effective mentor (early May)

Intern Preparation

  • Mentors and PIs sustain phone, e-mail, and/or Skype correspondence with intern to discuss project and progress, suggest literature – (continuing from admission until arrival)

Intern Arrival and Orientation

  • Orientation and welcoming meeting with SPUR staff, mentors, faculty, and UO administration (Usually weekend after Memorial Day)
  • Orientation workshop with SPUR Director (first weekend, faculty welcome)

Intern Arrival in Research Lab

  • Typically, first Monday in June (Note that intern arrivals may vary to accommodate the variety of academic calendars among schools)
  • Research project begins in earnest

Events, program features, workshops

  • Faculty seminars (faculty/postdocs speak)
  • Progress reports are submitted with help from mentors (due each Friday morning)
  • Professional development workshops (6 sessions; faculty invited)
  • Research group discussions (6 sessions; faculty invited/solicited)
  • Field Trips (faculty invited/solicited)
    • Oregon Institute of Marine Biology
    • UO Pine Mountain Observatory (UO Physics)
    • Newberry Crater National Volcanic Monument (UO Geology)
    • Cultural, Educational, Recreational events (faculty invited/solicited)

Program evaluation

  • Mid-summer luncheon evaluation (mentors)
  • End of summer survey

SPUR Undergraduate Research Symposium

  • Thursday poster session, Friday oral presentations (final week in the program)

Farewell Party and Departures

  • Final weekend (faculty & mentors invited)